Sunday, April 20, 2014

Zip Up Baby Swaddle by Ergo Pouch

This is another one of those must haves during the first few 3 months. When we first brought the baby home from the hospital, we had no idea how to wrap the baby and a few weeks in when she got more mobile and cranky, it just got harder to unwrap, change the diaper, rewrap - all while trying to keep the baby asleep. So when our friend got us this awesome zip up swaddle, we used it everyday! It looks uncomfortable for an infant, but the books are right, it's true babies move around without knowing it's a reflex and can wake themselves up. Swaddling them gives them a sense of comfort and security. With this ergo pouch, you can swaddle like a master without any skill.

Available at Ergo Pouch
Price: $29.95 (AU)