Sunday, June 17, 2012

Water Water Everywhere, Which Bottle to Choose?

We are obsessed with beautiful and functional water bottles. Whether you carry your mint water to work or lemongrass tea to the gym or just plain water for everything in between - here are a few of our latest favorites:

OXO water bottle with two openings - one larger for ice cubes and cleaning (yes!) and the other for drinking, plus a buckle for your backpack.

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Price: $14.99
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What's not to love about the ingenious combo of glass (definitely no BPA) and a silicon jacket. The chic color combos from LifeFactory turn your water bottle into a fashion statement. The only con on our list is that glass is heavier for those of us who have to move around a lot during the day.

Price: $19.99

Then there is the Iron-Man worthy Kor variety.  With an ergonomic handle and tapered profile - it looks and feels smart. 

Price: $24.95