Monday, February 13, 2012

Plenty of Spice to Spare Shaker Set @ ModCloth

We are so in love with everything in the ModCloth Apartment. First up - a charming salt and pepper set for your dining table or brunch bar. Available at ModCloth.

Price: $21.99
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"If the crowded table at your bustling weekend brunch has guests searching behind casseroles and cakes to find the salt and pepper, give them a stylish landmark to seek among the 'spread' with this soaring set of birdhouse shakers! Suspended from a twisting, branch-like stand with a weathered, ivory finish, these delicate avian domiciles can be removed from their respective, arching limbs to sprinkle your plate with a pleasant amount of seasonings from the holes in each peaked roof. Created from ceramic with a smooth, white glaze, these petite shelters show a rusticated character on their face to make sorting out your choice condiment a breeze. Just swoop in and give them a shake before returning them to perch alongside a precious, avian friend! Never again will folks fly South, simply because they can't find the flavor among you flourishing feast."