Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Restaurant Ready Toys

Our friends at MiniMunchers got us thinking about dining out with kids. Thanks for all the tips!

You've been there, we've all been there - the kids at the next table are either tired and grumpy or playing with clanky toys or chopsticks. This got us thinking, what kinds of toys out there promote quiet and civilized interactions without disturbing others. Here are a few we found:

1) Sea Collection by Wee Gallery
Printed from hand-drawn illustrations, these sturdy cards are great for kids to use as flash cards and art inspiration. Whip a deck out on the restaurant table and challenge your kids to creating their own illustrations based on any one of them while you wait for the entrees or desserts to arrive. Available at

Price: $12.95
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2) Create Your Own Pop-Up Books
Kids love pop-up books, especially when they can make one themselves. Get your kids to know that dining out is a special experience. Use this pop-up sketchbook only at memorable events such as birthdays and celebrations. Encourage them to use each page fully and record what they are celebrating, tasting and feeling. Available at

Price $19.99
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3) Make Your Own Pizza Sticker Activity Book
Entice your kids to try different types of food by learning about what they eat. This sticker book includes 80 different toppings for your kids to put together their own creation as they wait for the real melty pie coming out from the stone oven. Available at

Price: $1.50
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4) Story Cubes
Ever notice how your kids are coming up with their own stories about their favorite toy characters? You will be surprised by the clicking of their imagination with these story cubes. Whether you have one child or baby-sitting a mini soccer team, roll the dice and let the story unfold. With 9 cubes and 54 images, the possibilities are endless. Available at

Price: $7.82
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5) Hidden Pictures
With more than 450 hidden objects, your kids will be mesmerized by the illustrations and fully synced into identifying the hidden objects within the pictures while you sip an ice tea and savor a few relaxing moments. Available at

Price: $19.95
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