Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MiniMunchers - Tips on dining out with kids

Today we have a special guest blogger sharing with us tips on what to bring and how to enjoy your meal while dining out with your kids. Bon appetit!

Carla Sullivan – Founder & Mommy Muncher at MiniMunchers.com.

As a mom of two, and another on the way, I know first hand how difficult it is go out to eat with your Minis. But I still like going out to eat for lunch and VERY early dinners (5pm) with my Minis. Armed with some of the below products and advice, dining out has actually turned into a fun adventure that our whole family looks forward to.

1. BRING what you need! Most families will remember the trusty diaper bag (LOVE the Gypsy Tote by Serena & Lily (www.serenaandlily.com)), but when you are eating out there are a few things that you need to stock up on – extra wipes, DISPOSABLE changing pads (www.Munchkin.com makes our favorite with Sesame Street characters) (you never know if/when you are going to have to change the little Muncher on the floor of the bathroom) as well as two or three bibs (Colby Lane Designs (www.colbylanedesigns.com) are a GREAT choice) and a change of clothes!

2. Don’t expect a relaxing drawn out meal. To this point, don’t order an appetizer – just go with an entrĂ©e, and don’t be shy about bringing snacks (the Snack Taxi (www.snackTAXI.com) bags have great prints and are easy to wash) for the kids to tie them over until the meal come.

3. Entertain, Entertain, Entertain – Ok, it is great to think your tot will sit and chat with you for an hour, but time to get real and think in advance. Crayons work (Love the recycled crayons from Scribblers), but when they tire of the old faithful, small items that you can store in your purse (matchbox cars, Wiki sticks, finger puppets, stickers, tattoos, coloring pages (check out www.HelloKids.com for a great selection) etc.) are great to have on hand. Why not try the Scribble Mats (http://www.scribblemats.com/) they combine a CLEAN eating surface with the fun of crayons!

4. When they got to go, they gotta go! Some times you just can't fight it and everything you do just isn't working. Know when to ask for the check and wrap up your meal - even if the food hasn't come yet! TRUST me - your server will be more then happy to get you on your way, especially if it means a better dining experience for everyone else at the restaurant.


Visit www.MiniMunchers.com for the complete children’s menus of over 230 great restaurants in NYC! MiniMunchers also offers great weekly discounts on children’s products and classes in our “Goodie Bag” as well as advice from experts on making your eating experiences with kids enjoyable – from celebrities to restaurateurs to Moms-in- the-know!

About Carla Sullivan
A ten-year resident of Manhattan, Carla Sullivan is the founder and “Mommy Muncher” of the internet’s only source of kid-friendly restaurants in NYC, www.MiniMunchers.com.