Monday, February 07, 2011

Fresh Wee Tidings by Blue Finch Studios

Never, ever send gifts without a gift card. It's such a simple detail. What's the point of painstakingly finding, paying and wrapping something if the recipient does not know who it's from?

Gift cards can be very simple - make you own from plain index cards by handwriting a short message and embellishing it with a decorative sticker or make use of the scraps of heavyweight wrapping paper, trim the odds and ends to 2 x 3 inch cards. Invest in two to three good pens: a gold or silver marker or a black calligraphy ink pen and leave a meaningful tweet before sending off your gift.

Tip! Pilot has a series of erasable ink pens. For those of us who make the occasional hiccups in cards, they are embarrassment savers.

Today we were browsing through some of our shopping friends on Twitter and discovered Blue Finch Studios. They make these beautiful gift cards - a set comes with messages for all sorts of occasions. Don't forget to tuck one in your next gift! Available at

Price: $15.95 set of 12
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