Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wedding Favors by GetMarried

Wedding favors...they are little but they require a lot of thought. Everyone at your wedding will either completely dismiss it because it merits zero creativity or rave about it because it's delicious, delightful or decadent.

Twitter emails in tweets often regarding who's following who... and this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find GetMarried via Twitter. It's a great resource for all those upcoming nuptials. These favors for example are chic, affordable and will give you a chance to fill them with your personality. Just imagine your personalized favor boxes charmed with one of your favorite things - skittles, gummy bears, maltesers, lemon drops, crystalized ginger, brownie bites, heirloom tomato seeds...

One thing of note, when it comes to wedding favors, always pay attention to where you are getting married because culture matters. The last thing you want at the wedding is for your guests to be horrified by the inauspicious meaning of your favor. Here's quick synopsis on wedding cultures around the world on Wikipedia.

Last but not least, don't forget to check out GetMarried's magazine online, it's fun and fabulous.