Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stonewall Kitchen - The Best of the Best Gift Basket

Shopping Reminder! Just a friendly reminder, Mother's Day is rolling in very soon. It's May 10th this year!

Recently, I've been tasked to find a replacement for my grandmother's kiwi spoon. She is looking for the exact replica of her original one: a short spoon with half a kiwi as a handle. You would think that finding a kiwi spoon is a rather simple process. Well, nope, I've been looking high and low for it everywhere across the web. Definitely message me at if you locate one.

During this massive search for a spoon, I came across lots of fun kitchen specialty stores. Here's a find that will definitely say Happy Mother's Day in a sweet, decadent and appreciative way: a basket full of jams, jellies and breakfast essentials. Included in the basket are: Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam, Sour Cherry Jam, Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix, Pure Maine Maple Syrup...and much much more. Available at Stonewall Kitchen.

Price: $175
For: Her, Him
Interests: Food, Cooking
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