Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NatureMill Automatic Composter

Technically, this is a not a *little* gift. But it's definitely a miniature version of the standard outdoor composter station. Take your apple peel, lemon rind, lettuce head - all the food scraps that can magically become rich compost in just two weeks. Best of all, this NatureMill has a small footprint and can sit in the kitchen, so you don't have to transport food scraps outdoors. A rotation mechanism and heating unit accelerates the decomposing process, and a carbon filter minimizes odors. Once the compost is ready, it transfers automatically into a soil chamber, ready for the spring garden of herbs, vegetables and fruits. Learn more about how it works, here. Available at

Price: $299
For: Him, Her
Interests: Gardening, Eco-Gifts, Home
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