Thursday, February 26, 2009

ESPN Subscription

Gift Challenge: I am needing a gift for my boyfriend who is in college at Wake Forest.  I go to college in Texas.  We have known each other since 6th grade and dated for 3 years.  He is very thoughtful and romantic.  He plays basketball and is learning Chinese.  He plans on being involved in international business and will be studying in China in his junior year.  Hope you can help.

Shopping for guys can be difficult. Ideally you want to find something romantic but not too cute, functional but not too boring, trendy but not overly stylish. Here are some ideas, see what you think:

-Most basketball lovers would enjoy this:
ESPN magazine subscription $26

-I'm sure your boyfriend is taking chinese classes, but this may be really helpful for everyday use, I have a copy and love it:
15 minute chinese $15.56

-For something on the cute/romantic side, perhaps you could get him a pair of these egg cups, so you can enjoy them when you visit:
Alessi Egg Cup $17
-This is a fun electronic version of taboo, definitely useful in the dorm or at parties:
Catch Phrase $25.99

- My favorite of all is this Fossil wallet - it's functional, stylish and will be perfect for his year abroad and something he can remember you by everyday.
Fossil Traveler Apex $30
What would you pick? Feel free to share other ideas!