Saturday, February 14, 2009

3 Last Minute Ideas for Valentine's Day at Home

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some people love this day, some hate it. Wherever you stand on this spectrum of love and hate, it really is just a day to do a few sweet things for people you love and cherish. It does not have to involve red, candy, chocolates or even roses because the best gifts are thoughtful, simple experiences that sink in and make you smile.

This Valentine's Day instead of decadent gifts, explore these economical and fun ideas:

#1: Make your own v-day cards:

Don't want to pick from an isle of generic cards? Easy, make it yourself. Stop by your nearest arts and craft store and pick up a selection of paper, stickers and glitter. Instead of wasting your time running around the shops looking for the most romantic present, why not get together and let card making be a fun, romantic event in itself. Checkout Martha Stewart Crafts for tons of ideas and tools.

#2: Make your own creme brulee:

I'm not a baker. I can hardly follow a recipe without mixing it up. But if there is one dessert you can master during your first attempt, it's going to be creme brulee. There are tons of recipes online, however, the basic concept is simple: heat the milk, whisk the sugar and egg yolks, slowly whisk the milk into the egg mixture, steam, sprinkle with sugar and fire away. So pick up a torch at your nearest kitchen store (don't forget the can of butane!) and work together for this deliciously decadent surprise. Available at

#3: Make your own spa soak:

Hotels, spas, florists, they know when to raise prices. So today, really is not a good day to make a reservation or shop from any of the above. Instead, pick up a bottle of bubble bath, a few scent-free candles and pop a bottle of prosecco to create a luxurious and money-saving spa experience right in the comforts of your home. Available at

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? What were your best/worst gifts?