Wednesday, December 03, 2008

6 Tips to Keep Track of Your Budget + Everyone on Your list

It's very nerdy, yes. But this is the only way to keep track of everyone, every dollar and ensure that every surprise gets delivered on time. Here's an excel template that will help you manage your gift list.

1) Grand Total: Easily and quickly keep track of the grand total. 
Here's the formula: = SUM(G4:G300), don't forget the equal sign. This will automatically add together all the totals in column G.

2) Bought? Keep track of what you have bought. 
Just simply write yes or no under the Bought column. You can also add a filter on row 3 (Data>Filter>Autofilter) to show only items that are not yet filled.

3) People: Who are you shopping for?
Avoid getting duplicate gifts or missing gifts by making a list of everyone you will see this holiday. You can also add a couple lines for "anyone" or generic gifts for surprise guests.

4) Where? Take note of where to buy it at the best price.
If you've spent hours looking for the best gift don't forget to note it. This way, you can easily go back and add all the items to cart and check out once and qualify for free shipping. 

5) Price and Quantity: How much and how many?
Keep precise tabs on how much you a spending, 5 cents here and 10 cents there do add up. Also, keep track of the quantity. If you are buying towels or wine glasses, you may want to double or triple the quantity or buy a couple sets for various different recipients.

6) Total: Get an idea of how much. 
 Here's the formula: = E4*F4 (don't forget the equal sign). Once you've entered the formula into the first cell, just select it and drag your mouse down the column to auto fill the rest.

How do you manage your gift budget? Leave a comment or email me.