Friday, October 17, 2008

Woven Yak Throws by Shokay

Gift Challenge: My grandmother likes to watch television at night curled up in her blanket. So I thought this year when I visit for Thanksgiving I would bring her a luxurious cashmere throw. I'm looking for something with good quality. 

Cashmere is great but I highly recommend trying this selection of throws made from yak down in persimmon, chocolate and creme.  I've received a scarf by Shokay last year and the quality is amazing: it's soft, beautiful and very warm. Their products are made from yak down in a remote location called Shokay located in the mountainous Himalayan regions.  These fibers are hand-combed from the yaks that dwell there, whose ancient existences continue to serve as a life source for the Tibetan herders. So when you shop at Shokay, you are not only getting a one of a kind product, you are also supporting the local community. Available at

Do you have a favorite travel souvenir from a place that produces unique goods? Share a comment below or email me.
Price: $390
For: Him, Her
Interests: Accessories, Home
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