Friday, October 10, 2008

Tiffin Lunch Box Set

Gift Challenge: We are trying to cut back on eating out during lunch hour so my husband and I are bringing our own lunches. I'm not a big fan of the plastic containers, do you have any suggestions?

What a great idea, bringing your lunch to work will help you save money and calories. I often make a little more of re-heatable dishes like curry (Japanese or Thai) or pasta (shrimp, garlic and pancetta) to bring to work. Here's a set of stainless steel lunch boxes. You can stack rice, pasta, bread, salads, sandwiches and fruit in separate containers and reheat or refrigerate individually. Available at

Do you bring lunch to work? What do you bring? Share a comment below or email me.

Price: $85
For: Him, Her
Interest: Food, Gadgets, Home
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