Monday, October 06, 2008

Le Creuset 6-Piece Cookware Set

Gift Challenge: My mom is a great cook. She's been making family dinners for us on Sundays for 20 years. I look forward to her roast or homemade lasagna every weekend. I'd like to get her a set of high quality cookware for this upcoming holiday season. She's very practical and doesn't like short-cut gadget things. Timeless and practical, Le Creuset is the brand you are looking for. This season Williams-Sonoma carries an exclusive line in a sophisticated slate color. These enameled cast iron pots used by french cooks for generations are great at retaining high temperatures, therefore ideal for braising stews or slow-cooking soups. Available at What's your favorite cookware line? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below. Price: $549.95 For: Him, Her Interest: Home, Food Buy Now