Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daisy Soap by The Body Shop

Gift Challenge: Everyone I know at home or at work is stressed beyond their limits these days. I am looking for small, simple gifts that will make a difference. 

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Take a bath. It's one of the most affordable luxuries. Just a few things can help spruce up the experience. Try the Daisy Soap, a vegetable-based soap that gentle cleanses and soothes the skin. Times are stressful but that doesn't mean we should stop changing the world one act at a time. All proceeds of the Daisy Soap go directly to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Do good and feel good about it. Available at BodyShop.com.

Price: $4.50
For: Him, Her
Interests: Health, Spa
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For a more relaxing soak, add a few sprinkles of Himalayan Salt.