Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coastal Guard Helicopter and Life Raft by Lego

Gifts for Grandkids (Part 3 of 5) 

Gift Challenge: I have 5 grandkids between the ages of 4 and 16. I love to shop for them but I really don't have that many ideas and I don't know what they like. Their favorite cartoon characters change all the time. But I really want to get things they enjoy.

Today, we are onto boys gifts. I grew up in a house of Lego. My brother had boxes divided by color and he was building cities and villages. Although I never really picked up on the passion, I can see how these versatile building blocks can be addictive and spark endless creations. The real fun and education for kids is stepping through the instructions, constructing the piece a portion at a time and eventually building a story around the end product. Looking for more designs? Check out the shop by age section. Available at
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Price: $39.99
For: Kids
Interests: Toys, Airplanes