Thursday, October 09, 2008

Apple Ipod Touch

Gift Challenge: This Christmas, I'm thinking of getting my parents a digital photo frame and store all the pictures of the grandkids in there for them. I'm looking for something with at least 1GB of memory. Which brand do you suggest?  

Digital photo frames are great but they are not very portable. I've noticed that grandparents like to be able to carry family pictures and show them to friends. On my recent trip to Mexico, I met the coolest great-grandmother. At 75 years old, she's definitely ahead of the digital technology curve. She carries her Ipod Touch with her wherever she goes and the device is loaded with music and family photos (available space: 8 - 32GB). The touch screen actually makes it really easy for her to view and find photos. The great thing is you can sync the newest photos into the device whenever your parents visit to see the grandkids. Available at

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Price: $229
For: Him, Her
Interests: Gadgets, Home, Accessories
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