Thursday, October 23, 2008

315 Piece Art Kit

Gifts for Grandkids (Part 4 of 5) 

Gift Challenge: I have 5 grandkids between the ages of 4 and 16. I love to shop for them but I really don't have that many ideas and I don't know what they like. Their favorite cartoon characters change all the time. But I really want to get things they enjoy.

This 315 piece art kit will definitely harness the wow-factor for your grand child. Most children have cases of Crayola or random color pens scattered here and there amidst the toy containers but few have a magnificent display of abundance like this. The kit is filled with 60 oil pastels, 36 watercolors cakes, 36 jumbo markers, 24 color pencils and more for endless sketching, painting and drawing. Just don't forget to bring a sketchpad or lots of paper. Available at

What kinds of arts and crafts do your kids enjoy? Share a comment below or email me.
For: Kids
Interests: Art, Stationery
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