Saturday, September 13, 2008

Takeout Cookbook by Knock Knock

Gift Challenge: My BFF turns 31 next week. She's a successful lawyer, loves food: everything from a 3 star restaurants to the in-n-out burger, but she doesn''t know how to cook. I've bought her cookbooks before but still nothing... Definitely not the super-serious-lawyer type. Plus she's a Wii sport fanatic. Sounds like your friend is a happy-foodie-non-cooking type. This book might be quite amusing to her. It talks about optimizing your budget for ordering take out, when to tip, how to throw a take-out party and even includes labels for take-out boxes in the fridge! Available at Gift Set Tip: Burn the take-out calories with a new Wii Fit. What's your favorite take-out cuisine? Chinese? Thai? Italian? Email me or leave a comment. Price: $19.95 For: Him, Her Interest: Books, Food Buy Now