Monday, September 15, 2008

Self-Watering Planter by Karim Rashid

Gift Challenge: My boyfriend loves to have green plants at home but always forgets to water them. I'm tired of reminding him to water his plants. I've suggested cactus and other desert plants but he likes leafy green plants. Are there smart gadgets out there to do the work for us? Try out these self watering planters. The concept is simple: fill the top layer with soil and the bottom container with water. This way your plant will absorb water when it needs to and you can cut down on watering directly. Infact, this method is better for the plant because then it can intake water when it needs it. A side window shows the water level and you can easily refill through the circular opening that flips to open or close. Available at Do you grow herbs at home? Email me or leave a comment. Price: $25.00 For: Him, Her Interest: Gadgets, Home, Accessories Buy Now