Thursday, September 18, 2008

HP Photosmart Color Printer

Gift Challenge (Part 1 of 7 solutions): I need to find a great gift idea for 45 VIP clients for a corporate event. In the past, we have given them iPods, cell phones, GPS units, etc. This is an annual event in November, and we're looking to outdo ourselves this year. Last year everyone absolutely loved the red iPods we gave them. In the past we have decided against personal items like jewelry, wallets/money clips, etc because our clients have indicated that they don't use them. These clients are professional, successful people. We're looking to spend around $200 per client, and we usually either give all 45 of them the same gift, or we get men's and women's gifts. Either is fine. - Danielle Sounds like your clients like smart gadgets. Most people have digital cameras at home, so this HP photo printer might be a good match. You can preview your pictures before printing on a 2.5" display. Don't worry about storage because this printer stores 4000 prints. The coolest part: it can print wirelessly from a camera phone or PDA with an HP Bluetooth Wireless Print Adapter. Available at Do you have a photo printer? How do you like it? Email me or leave a comment. Price: $199 For: Him, Her Interest: Gadgets, Electronics, Photography Buy Now