Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reusable Glass Waterbottles by Love Bottles

Gift Challenge: My girlfriend loves bottled water. She carries it to the gym, the office, shopping... basically everywhere she goes. I want to get her a reusable water bottle. I've tried getting her the Sigg bottles but she doesn't like them.
Being a water-holic, I know how she feels about Fiji and Evian. But knowing the implications of millions of tons of plastic water bottles occupying landfills, I have been cutting back and drinking a lot of filtered water. I've looked at a lot of the Sigg bottles and even though they look fabulously colorful on the outside, I miss seeing the crystal transparency of pristine bottled water. So I've been searching everywhere for clear, reusable glass water bottles. Here's one to try, they come in all kinds of simple patterns while proudly showcasing earth's most basic quencher. Available at
Do you have creative ideas on toting water? Email me or leave a comment.
Price: starting at $12
For: Her, Him, Kids
Interest: Accessories, Gadgets, Beverages