Friday, August 01, 2008

Owl Plush Pillows by Pottery Barn Kids

Gift Challenge: "I have a college friend who loves anime and all the cute Japanese imaginary characters from artists like Hayao Miyazaki. But she has all the comic books and DVDs, what can I get her?"
Miyazaki has a very colorful, imaginative and spirited approach towards creating characters. The comedic mix of colors, textures and simple expressions of his characters radiate a sense of hope and playful energy. His fans generally have a very similar eye towards fantasy. So I would look for goods along the same lines. Here's a pair of adorable owl pillows. Available at
Where do you shop for cute characters? Email me or leave a comment.
Price: starting at $24
For: Kids, Him, Her
Interests: Anime, Accessories, Home Decor