Tuesday, July 22, 2008

World Wildlife Fund Gift

Gift Challenge: "My friend's son loves animals. They already have a chocolate Labrador and a clown fish, what should I get him for his 8th birthday?"
Great kid-friendly movies like Kung-Fu Panda, Finding Nemo and Happy Feet have inspired children to become animal-friendly. Instead of shopping for plush animals at major toy stores, why not donate to the World Wildlife Fund to help contribute to the conservation of animals and their habitats. Give a gift donation of $50 and receive a plush animal toy, a photo and a symbolic adoption certificate. With these memorabilia, kids can be reminded of the good cause they have been a part of and perhaps begin a life-long contribution to protecting their favorite animals and planet earth. You can choose from 80 different kinds of animals including the: Panda, Penguin, Polar Bear, Blue Whale and more. Available at WorldWildlifeFund.com.
What are your favorite wild-life animals? Email me or leave a comment. Price: Starting at $25
For: Her, Him, Kid Interest: Animals, Wild-life, Conservation, Pets