Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Personalized Callaway Golf Balls

Gift Challenge: "I am trying to come up with a gift to give to my fiance before our wedding in a couple weeks.  We agreed to stay within approx $100 budget.  I would love to get him something meaningful, but not cheesy.  He's an accountant, and in his spare time he enjoys golfing and cycling. He's pretty conservative and "preppy", and he doesn't drink alcohol/coffee/etc. I don't know what he's getting me, but I think one of the gifts may be a Bible with my new married name printed on the front.  That's something sentimental and usable, and I'd love to come up with a meaningful and functional gift for him."
Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Here are a couple things I've found that you might consider:
 Personalized Callaway Golf Balls $49.95/dozen
-You can personalize it with his name, the date of your wedding, or a phrase that's significant to the both of you.
Flip Video Recorder $104.99
- Once you start a family, there are lots of significant moments to remember and you can record them with this and upload them onto your computer.
Garmin GPS $159.99
- If he doesn't already have one, he will love it. Especially when you are taking weekend getaways or finding the way to a new golf course or biking trail.
Bum Back Pack $95
- Here's a messenger bag that I've seen my coworker wear. It's ergonomically designed, take a look at the video online. This is something he can use everyday.
Tumi Wallet $98
- Here's another everyday accessory. I've bought these a couple of times and people love them.

Got ideas for wedding gifts? Email me or leave a comment.
Price: $49.95/dozen
For: Him
Interest: Golf