Thursday, July 10, 2008

MultiDot Platter by French Bull

Gift Challenge: "I'm invited to a dinner hosted by my friend's significant other. What should I bring? All I know is that they love bright colors and are into design stuff."
Getting the right gift often involves knowing the recipient's style and you can pick up clues from what they wear, what kind of art they enjoy, where they like to have dinner, favorite movies and simple accessories like a bag or an umbrella. French Bull designs home products with a powerful punch of color and patterns. If you are looking for a bold sense of style try the MultiDot Platter or an Avocado Lime 2 Tone Salad Bowl. See more patterns here. Available at
Do you know of a style that's hard to shop for? Email me or leave a comment. 
Gift Set Tip!
Fill the platter or salad bowl with green apples or mangos or clementines before you bring it to the party. The freshness of the fruit will add a pop to the gift and you will also have brought dessert.
Price: $16
For: Her, Him
Interest: Accessories, Home, Entertaining