Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ice Cold Lemonade Crock by Uncommon Goods

Gift Challenge: "I've been invited to my neighbor's BBQs for a couple weekends now. I always bring drinks, what else can I bring?"
BBQs are a great way to get together but if you have hosted one you will know, it's a lot of work prepping the meat, lugging the charcoal, and making sure everyone has enough to eat. Reward your host or neighbour with something they can use over and over again during the summer season. If they have kids they might even use this for a lemonade stand on a Friday afternoon. If you don't have time to fill it with fresh lemonade, just bring a bag of ice and a couple bottles of ready-made lemonade. Available at
What was the last gift you gave your neighbor? Email me or leave a comment.
Price: $130
For: Her, Him
Interest: Accessories, Gadgets, Entertaining