Sunday, June 29, 2008

Williams-Sonoma Kids In the Kitchen, Sweet Treats

Summer is great time to introduce kids to cooking. They have lots of spare pockets of free time, the markets are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and of course, they are always hungry after all the swimming, chasing and exploring. Here's a cookbook filled with sweet treats they can learn to make themselves like chocolate pudding, thumb print cookies and watermelon ice pops. Learning to cook teaches kids: measurements, appreciation for how things are made from scratch, understanding of what goes into their favorite foods and a sense of satisfaction towards mindful eating. Plus, it's so much fun, especially as a party activity, and you will see their creativity spill and splash. Available at 
What are your kids' favorite things to do in the summer? Email me or leave a comment.
Price: $19.95
For: Kids
Interest: Food, Cooking, Parties