Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Spring Bud, an education fund for girls in China

Last night, we had dinner at the Empress of China (*really great view*) and met some very interesting friends. I was introduced to an organization called Spring Bud. It's a program that started in 2000 committed to educating 1000 Chinese girls from Shaanxi province, one of the poorest regions in China where few girls go to school and at best not beyond third grade.
There are many great causes I believe in, but education ranks #1 because I believe that when you empower a person with literacy, you give them access to make a difference in the world. More importantly, when you educate a woman, you open the gates of education to her children and generations to come. Give in the name of a friend or your children. This is one of those gifts that continue to grow in the future. Read about their most recent achievements and upcoming goals. Available at 1990Institute.Org.
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