Sunday, June 01, 2008

Personalized Terra Cotta Wine Cooler

Most gourmet kitchen stores today stock the electric wine coolers that have special functionalities with bold, silver and black trims. Although they have the modern, sports-car appeal, I've often found them to be too contemporary and impersonal. Here's one that has a rustic appeal made with terra cotta. It blends in with a simple Italian dinner of pizza and pasta vongole or even outdoors by the barbecue with sizzling steaks and kabobs. The terra cotta keeps wine cool for hours and best of all you can personalize it, say with "Tom's Wine Cellar" or "Michelle's Reserve" and maybe even a significant date like a birthday or an anniversary. Available at
Gift Set Tip!
Get this personalized wine cooler with a case of wine. If you are celebrating a big birthday, a graduation or a newborn baby, it's always a good idea to get a case bottled during the special year. The person who receives this gift will remember and savor this set for a very long time.
Have you received or given a personalized gift, what was it? Email me or leave a comment.
Price: $34.95
For: Her, Him
Interests: Wine, Dining, Entertaining