Thursday, June 12, 2008

The New iPhone 3G

Just came back from Chicago's Internet Retailer Conference. The days were filled with interesting talks and lots of talented people testing out new paradigms for delivering a better shopping experience online. I spent one late afternoon shopping on Michigan Avenue and of course had to stop by my favorite soap and lotion store, Sabon, this time picking up two jars of body sorbet: ginger + orange and vanilla + coconut.
But during my few days in Chicago, I couldn't stop reading about the hype back here in the Bay Area when Steve Jobs delivered the next generation iPhone. I love my 2.5G version so I don't really need to upgrade but the coolest part about this release is that they have opened up the product in 22 markets. So if you are looking to buy a gift for your college roommate in Hong Kong, a coworker based in Paris or a local you met during Oktober Fest, now you can get them the latest and greatest in mobile technology, starting July 11th, 2008. Available at
Do you have an iPhone, if so, love or hate? Email me or leave a comment. Price: $199
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