Saturday, June 14, 2008

Catch Phrase

For all you Taboo fans out there, here's the latest and greatest gadget to play the game without all the cards. It's portable and lightweight, perfect for your next beach party or late afternoon barbecue.
Here's how you play: form a circle of friends and every other person is on your team. Describe the word on the display for your team to guess, once they make the right guess pass the Catch Phrase onto the next person. The key is to guess as many words as possible before the buzzer goes off and which ever team has the gadget in their hands losses the round. Available at
Gift Set Tip!
Bring this game along with a cheese set or a couple pints of gourmet ice cream to your next get together. Everyone will enjoy a fantastic time.
Price: $25.99
For: Him, Her, Kids
Interest: Games, Gadgets