Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stripe Wallet by Paul Smith

Wallets, one of the best gifts for men because 1) they don't bother to replace the old one 2) it's the one thing they use all the time. I use to work for an online department store managing men's gifts and accessories and discovered that there are *many* different kinds of wallets: money clips, bifolds, passcases, trifolds...very confusing.
But basically when you are shopping for a wallet as a gift you need to think about what kind of a person carries it. Is he a simplistic, no coins, no receipts, no photos, 2 credit card and 5 bills kind of person? Or is he the kind that packs the wallet with family photos and 6 credit cards? This Paul Smith designs fits the no-frills kind of guy. Read on tomorrow, and I will find you the ultimate pack-it-all-in wallet. Available at
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Price: $195
For: Him
Interests: Accessories
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