Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rainshower Watering Can

I know this doesn't really seem like anything special for most people. But as a gardener, I've gotten into collecting watering cans. I have one now that's silver with a single spout. This one with the spray spout would do wonders for my carrot or chili seedlings: just a gentle shower of moisture. Plus it's nice to adorn your green space with something that has a rustic appeal. Available at JamaliGarden.com.
Gift Set Tip!
To make this a fun gift set include: dragon carrot seeds or the Jamie at Home DVD, packed with delicious gardening and cooking ideas from Jamie Oliver. Fill the watering can with bright yellow or pink tissue and layer the additional goodies right inside. Don't forget a tag like, "Enjoy your summer garden!"
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Price: $21.99
For: Her, Him
Interests: Gardening