Friday, May 16, 2008

Halo Visor by Eric Javits

Summer's right around the corner, how do you stay outdoors, cool, calm, collected and freckles-free?
I'm always looking for a good hat - the kind that shades you from the blazing mid-day sun but at the same time provides ample view of the surroundings.  Two tricks about hats: first the fit, if any part of it gives your head pressure it's probably not a good fit because it will constrict your circulation and cause headaches. Two, construction and durability, the hats I love are those that can be packed in a suitcase but spring right back into shape when you wear it.
The last time we were in Honolulu I popped into a hat shop and discovered a line of wide-brim and pristinely woven hats by Eric Javits. Here's one from his latest collection. The price tag screams couture but believe me, it's worth the splurge especially if you are giving this to someone special, once they wear it, they will know, this is not just any hat. Available at
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Price: $165
For: Her
Interests: Outdoors, Accessories