Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mendoza All-Purpose Glass by Crate & Barrel

Glass, honestly is my favorite material to serve food in - it doesn't conflict with the array of colors of a simple green salad with marinated Spanish onions or a deep dark lamb stew with butter noodles. Dessert and parfaits are best served in glass, that way you can see all the fruity layers. Most dessert glass-wares are quite thick and lack the refined curvature of a drinking glass. So here I've picked the Mendoza All Purpose glass, it has a thin texture but is not egg-shell like fragile. Available at Crate&Barrel.com.
Featured here is my favorite weekend palate-cleansing, energy-filled breakfast: a fruit salad of sliced strawberries and seedless grapes topped with organic yogurt and crunchy granola.   
What's your favorite yogurt brand? Email me or leave a comment. 
Price: $6.95
For: Her, Him
Interests: Food, Gadgets, Home
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