Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wii Fit

Just got back from Japan. Gosh I love everything there, the food, the shopping, the culture and the overflowing amount of ideas and inspirations. It's quite a dangerous place for us shopaholics where there are hot coffees from vending machines, shoes of every style, wicker handbags, trench coats of all shapes, french pastries better than those in France, noodle restaurants at every corner. I'm going to go through my brochures and pictures to see if I can find a couple japanese online stores that sell to the US and share with you guys. In the mean time, here's something to sign up for on Amazon. I saw this on the japan local tv which means they probably have it out there already. Available on Amazon in May 2008. See the video now. Price: $165 For: Him, Her Interests: Fun, Games, Health Buy Now